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Welcome to Duromine Pills Online. Duromine is the only anorectic drug, which is sold at Australian, New Zealand, Chinese, Singapore and South African pharmacies.

For over 20 years, Duromine has been prescribed to teens and adults for a short-term anti-obesity therapy.


In SA pharmacies, you can buy:

  • Grey and green capsules of Duromine 15mg
  • Grey and reddish brown capsules of Duromine 30mg
  • Grey and orange capsules of Duromine 40mg.

At retail sale, Duromine capsules come in blisters. Obese South Africans can buy a package with 7 or 30 Duromine capsules.

It is noteworthy that South Africa is among few countries, where you can buy Duromine 40mg capsules. In many other countries of the world (eg. New Zealand), Duromine 40mg capsules are not available.

How does Duromine help to lose weight?

Each Duromine capsule contains 15mg, 30mg or 40mg of active substance Phentermine. This active substance pharmacological property is to suppress the appetite. Because Duromine reduces hunger, obese patients can exclude the high-calorie food from the diet.

Just one Duromine capsule helps to relieve hunger pains throughout a day. Therefore, regular use of Duromine capsules allows to reduce the number of consumed calories and to get a quick weight loss.


Duromine not only suppresses the appetite, but also increases thermogenesis, thereby contributing to fat burn. Because of enhanced thermogenesis, Duromine stimulates destruction of fat tissue even in slight physical activity.

To achieve maximum results, obese people, who take Duromine, should increase their physical activity. If obesity is complicated with cardiovascular disease, physical activity should be moderate.

How safe is Duromine?

Based on the result of clinical studies, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) made a conclusion that benefits of Duromine use exceed the potential risk for patient’s health. Despite the fact that Duromine can cause severe side effects, this drug is the bestselling weight loss product in South Africa.

However, the conclusions of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) differ from TGA conclusions. Having studied the results of post-marketing trials, the EMA published some information that Duromine can cause irreversible cardiovascular pathologies. Thus, in early 2000’s the sale of Duromine in Europe (including UK) was canceled.

If you have never taken capsules, containing anorexigenic agent Phentermine, please read the information on side effects and contraindications, before you buy Duromine online.

Duromine and other weight loss medicines containing Phentermine

Duromine is not the only medicine, containing Phentermine sold in South African pharmacies. Overweight South Africans can be prescribed Metermine capsules that are completely identical to Duromine capsules.

320997_duromineBoth Duromine and Metermine capsules contain Phentermine (as an ion-exchange resin complex). Phentermine dosage in Metermine capsule, the color and size of Metermine capsules are the same as of Duromine capsules. The only difference between these two medicines – the marketing status.

  • Duromine capsules are produced in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore and South Africa, being sold not only at pharmacies, but also in dozens of other countries of the world
  • Metermine capsules are produced and sold only all over the world (Metermine date was included into ARTG: July 1 2004).

You should also pay attention to Ionamin weight loss medicine, produced in Australia; it is available in many pharmacies. Each capsule of Ionamin contains 15mg or 30mg of active anorexigenic agent Phentermine (as resin complex).

  • Current marketing status of Ionamin in South Africa: export only.

If you want to buy Duromine capsules at low price, but you find them very expensive at pharmacies, ask your therapist about trade names of Duromine generics in your city (weight loss capsules containing Phentermine).

It is quite possible that Duromine generics are sold in your region under:

  • Original trade names of Ionamin, Adipex-P, Adipex Retard, Terfamex, Acxion, Teramine and Zantryl
  • Generic names Phentermine, Phentermine Hydrochloride, Phentermine HCl and Phentermine Resin Complex.

Once you decided to buy Duromine or Duromine generic online, but you have never ordered prescription weight loss capsules from online pharmacies, ask a pharmacist all your questions. Buying Duromine (generic Duromine) in Pills Online Store, you are able to get competent advice of a pharmacist free of charge.

The numbers of overweight people in developed countries are impressive. The truth is that more than 30% of population of these countries suffers from excess weight or obesity.

The disappointing statistics shows that obesity and overweight increase the risk of serious health disorders, like type II diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart attack and many more.


Moreover, weight loss therapy is recommended for diabetic patients to control their blood sugar levels. The first and the safest way to lose extra fat, is to stick to a diet and do physical exercises. The proper diet for weight loss means that a person will have to consume less calories than his body can waste throughout a day. This diet should include only foods that are low in calories and all the necessary nutrients (fat, carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals).

However, most overweight people find it very difficult to stick to a low-calorie diet for a long time to achieve any successful weight loss. Not to mention, physical activity is not the favorite part of their daily regimen. For these people, doctors prescribe weight loss medications, like Duromine.

Start Weight Loss
Start Weight Loss
Diet and Exercieses
Diet and Exercieses
Duromine Effect
Duromine Effect


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The well-known Food and Drugs Administration approves medications according to their efficiency, minimum side effects and good tolerance in various patients.

Duromine weight loss pills is the FDA approved drug, developed for weight loss. This drug became extremely popular worldwide due to its stable weight loss effect and mild side effects. People have used Duromine diet pills for many years now. The main effect of Duromine is appetite suppression, helping people to consume smaller amounts of food, comparing to those they used to. The calories are reduced so the body needs to burn fat tissue to get energy.

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Duromine is a kick-starter, a helper a person needs to lose weight. Duromine eliminates the hunger feeling. Therefore, patients can easily stick to small portions of food and have lots of energy to exercise. Apart from these effects, Duromine helps to reduce the comorbidities symptoms. According to clinical studies, overweight patients, who have been using Duromine pills, had had low blood sugar levels.


So, here’s what happens when a person uses Duromine. First, his appetite is so low that he eats small amount of food 4-6 times a day. One Duromine capsule is enough to forget about hunger for the entire day. Because Duromine increases energy levels, people manage to exercise or do a lot of physical work easily. As a result – a patient consumes little calories (diet) and loses much fat tissue (exercises).


While using Duromine weight loss pills, people should drink a lot of water to reduce thirst and dry mouth they may have. Moreover, this helps to remove toxins from the body, improve the metabolism and slow down the synthesis of fatty acids. Some patients even noticed a direct connection between drinking lots of water and lack of sleep problems at night (as the common side effect of Duromine is insomnia).


If the doctor prescribed you Duromine pills, you should ask about all the effects and possible side effects of this weight loss drug. If you have any diseases and you are taking any medication, you should tell your GP about it.


Duromine weight loss drug helped many people to lose 10-15% of their total body weight. All these people were taking Duromine pills for three months maximum. A patient should visit his GP regularly to record any changes in the weight and overall health. If the first treatment course brings a satisfactory results patient can stop the treatment and keep dieting. If not, then doctors recommend repeating the treatment course after a 4-week break.


If the treatment course with Duromine was over, and a patient is happy with the result, he or she should not stop a healthy diet and physical exercises. Many people say they gained even more weight after they finished a diet. It happens because once they return to their old dietary habits and lifestyle; their calorie balance is disturbed again. A weight loss therapy is a process that takes the whole life.


Every year, scientists conduct studies to see how obesity affects the body. What they did find out so far is that extra weight affected the cardiovascular system, hormonal balance and metabolism. On contrary, the loss of excess adipose tissue can normalize the blood pressure, thereby preventing or slowing down some cardiovascular disorders (atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, etc.).


You can order Duromine diet pills online and save money. To learn more how to buy Duromine pills online, please contact a pharmacist, the consultation is free. Online pharmacy is ready to serve you in any country of the world.

  • I know it sounds trivial, but Duromine is the best diet plan I’ve ever tried! My result is 6 lbs per week! I know it’s a little bit more than I have expected to gain and so full of energy!

    – OLIVIA –
  • Hi, I could not believe my eyes when I saw myself in the mirror after 2 weeks with Duromine! I fit into my favorite skirt, though I looked pretty weird, but I’m gonna start jogging in the morning, so I think I’ll do great!

    – SARAH –
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  • I have been on 30mg Duromine for 1.5wks and have lost 5.5kg. My aim is to loose another 10kg. The only side effect is dry mouth which works well for me because it forces me to drink a lot of water. So far so good!!

    – NANCY –
  • I have been on the 30mg for a month now I haven’t had any side effects and from healthy eating, going to the gym three times a week and the tablet I have lost 9.5kg in the first month.

Generic Duromine 30mg

Duromine is original name of weight loss drug Phentermine. There are many generics Duromine on global pharmaceutical market. If person was prescribed Duromine 30mg pills for obesity treatment, but they are quite pricey in city pharmacies, he can replace them with cheaper generics Duromine 30mg.

Generic Duromine is a medication, which has a proven bioequivalence and interchangeability with the original Duromine drug. Generics appear on the pharmaceutical market once patent protection of the original drug (Duromine) expires.

Many consumers believe that generics Duromine are worse than the original weight loss drug Duromine. But it’s not true. Generics Duromine 30mg have the same quality, effectiveness and safety as the original Duromine 30mg capsules.

Actually, generics get on pharmaceutical market under international unpatented names (Phentermine, Phentermine hydrochloride), but not under the original name (Duromine).

The international generic name corresponds to the name of active substance, found in Duromine capsules.

Duromine 30mg

Generic Duromine 30mg pills differ from the original Duromine 30mg pills only by the price and appearance.

The price of generics Duromine is much lower than of the original Duromine drug. Therefore, generics Duromine make an effective drug anti-obesity therapy available for all the population segments.

For instance in the USA, over 60% of all medications, released on prescription, are generics. The same situation is observed in other countries of Eastern Europe, like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and New Zealand.

In the USA, generics Duromine 30mg are available under following trade names:

  • Phentermine hydrochloride, Suprenza, Fastin, Ionamin, Phentermine resin complex Obestin-30, Oby-Trim, Ona Mast and Phentermine Resin 30.

Manufacturers of generics Duromine 30mg in the USA are as follows:

  • Mikah Pharma LLC; Able Laboratories Inc; US Pharma Lab Inc; Tg United Labs LLC; IVAX Pharmaceuticals Inc; Watson Pharmaceuticals is now Actavis Plc; Teva Pharmaceutical industries LTD; Camall Pharmaceutical; Vitarine Pharmaceuticals Inc; US Pharma Lab Inc; Mutual Pharmaceutical Company Inc; Kvk Tech Inc; Sandoz Inc; Lannett Company Inc; Citius Pharmaceuticals LLC; GlaxoSmithKline PLC; UCB Inc; Ferndale Laboratories Inc; Shire-Richwood Inc; Quantum Pharmics Ltd and Lannett Holdings Inc.

On New Zealand pharmaceutical market, Duromine 30mg is only available from iNova Pharmaceuticals (New Zealand) Limited. Until 2006, generic Duromine was produced and sold by Douglas Pharmaceuticals in NZ. In New Zealand pharmacies, this generic was on sale under the trade name – Umine Timed Caps.

It is known that iNova Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of the original weight loss drug Duromine. In addition to that iNova produces the original capsules Duromine 30mg, it also produces generics Duromine 30mg.

In Australian pharmacies, generics Duromine 30mg are accessible under such brand names as Metermine and Phentermine Resin. You can also buy generic Duromine 30mg in Australia under the trade name – Ionamin. The manufacturer of the weight loss drug Ionamin (generic Duromine) is Proqualix Pty Ltd.

If you want to buy generic Duromine 30mg, but you don’t know under what brand name it is sold in the city pharmacies, you can get this information from your doctor. It is possible that Duromine 30mg generics are available under the trade names – Suprenza, Metermine, Terfamex, Adipex, Ionamin, Acxion in your city.

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