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4MEC crystals became an ideal replacement for the drug called Mephedrone when various governments around the world like the USA, UK, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union and others forced a ban on the sale of this drug on the open market. The people who wanted to use this drug started to buy it from various sources including both reliable and not-so-reliable sources. The drug is normally sold in a powder form but some pharmaceutical companies prefer to sell the drug in a tablet form. It is also sold to the buyers as a constituent of a combination of drugs in the form of tablets also.

There are many advantages that you can get when you buy from a reliable dealer. The drug is available with almost 98 per cent purity if purchased from a reliable source. But if you buy it from an unreliable source then there is always a chance that the purity of the drug will be less than expected. When you are buying from a reliable dealer you may get a discount on the amount you buy in a single order. You can buy the drug in 1g packets or 100g packets but when you buy a packet of 100g of the drug instead of buying a large number of 1g packets you will get a better discount.

These advantages are not available when you buy the drug from a dealer whose credentials are not good or has not been recommended by an expert user. The dealer may sell 4mec to you at low prices which can raise a question about the purity of the drug. The drug may be sold mixed with other chemicals by a shady dealer which may cause bodily harm when consumed by the user.

As both Mephedrone and this drug belong to the family of cathinone both have almost the same effect on a person, i.e. both basically stimulate the senses and produce a kind of euphoria in the subject. If the drug is not pure enough then it may not create the stimulation it was supposed to and the expenditure of money would be a fruitless exercise. The powder form of the drug can be taken in the same way as Mephedrone. The powder can be taken orally, inhaled or injected into the body.

Whatever be the method used for taking the drug the final effects depend not only on the purity of the drug bet also on the number of doses you have to take before the drug takes effect. The interval between two simultaneous doses also affects the person using it. A normal dose taken orally is between 15mg to 300mg whereas a normal dose taken by insufflation may vary between 5mg and 150mg or even less. The dose taken intravenously can be much more than the dose taken orally or by 4-MEC (BIG CRYSTALS) online, Order 4-MEC (Crystals) online; Buy 4-MEC, buy 4-MEC (BIG CRYSTALS) online,4-MEC 5g, 4-MEC For Sale Online,4-CMC Crystal, 4cmc big crystal, 4cmc crystal działanie

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